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Friday, August 18, 2017


I feel the passion of love begin to move
Deep in my heart, lost until now –
And love comes forth like a lighten bolt,
(This heart knew not from whence it came)
--- Whispering, ‘Be not afraid of love!’ ---
And my heart laughed and laughed again!
Then, without warning love smiled at me –
In a silent moment it knocked on my heart,
I was amazed when passion came near,
And saw the needs that were hiding in me
Come close; let me look into your eyes –
And then I’ll know if your love is true…
Passions’ spirit, why did I push it away,
Was it because of hurts from yesterday?

Epaphroditus© August 18, 2017


Sometimes it’s a little hard to understand
Because doubt’s ugly head will raise,
And we only hear negative words of man –
But I say its love the heart will always praise!

We need to sit and meditate on love daily,
And to know what the heart seeks…
They say true love comes quietly – maybe –
Like butterflies that plays by the creeks.

Let your head lie upon my breast…
For here you can tell me all your secrets –
In my arms it’s here that you will find rest,
Because crying is not a sign of weakness…

Just know, what the heart seeks is to be loved,
“Love – is love a heart seeks! That’s proved!”

Epaphroditus© August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I sit and watch the waves upon the sea,
As the wind plays a perfect melody.
And in this silent moment I think of you,
The sky so bright – the sky is so blue!
Hidden thoughts in my mind are never seen,
And I ask, were you only a dream…
I hear your spirit crying in the wind –
A love I needed, but could never win!
I feel my arms around you, my dear,
And with each moment you draw near –
I think of all the hours we spent together,
But like life the storms will surely gather –
My love you had, but your eyes couldn’t see,
…And now it’s all lost for eternity…

Epaphroditus© August 17, 2017


In this lonely hour I need you the most,
I wait for the knock upon my door –
To all our beautiful moments I toast,
And those memories I will always store.

The moon shadows cast, and they linger
It’s like I’m on a dead end road –
I look at the indention on my ring finger,
And how will my heart bear this load?

If I had just a minute the words I’d convey –
If I just had one more moment in time;
O the sweet words I would say…
And for you the mountains I would climb!

And if you wonder why I became such a cynic,
It was because I didn’t have just one minute!

Epaphroditus© August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Once upon a dime
   When I was poor!
Some say I lost my mind,
   And now I’m sure!
In the arena's bathroom
   It said deposit a dime,
How they knew, I assume,
   But it was haft time –
O that look upon my face,
   I didn’t have a dime!
Options were my briefcase,
   Or the stall I had to climb!
O the stains on the commode,
   Never eat chili a la mode!

Epaphroditus© August 15, 2017


Hell yes!
I have not forgotten what you said!
My memory is like a flowing stream,
But one day I’ll get you out of my head,
And listen, stop showing up in my dream!
Hell yes!

Hell yes!
You think I’m responsible for your heart?
Well let me tell you a thing or two!
I’m not the one to blame for tearing us apart!
The truth is you think it’s all about you!
Hell yes!

I just need to talk about all of this mess –
And one more thing, do I love you, hell yes!

Epaphroditus© August 15, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017


In life sometimes strife rules,
   Calmness of thought is ones goal,
Money and fame are only tools
   That will never fill your enter soul.
Excuses, which are never a reason –
   Have a purpose – set a high bar!
Never look back, always look ahead,
   Understand who you really are!
Hear your enter self – echoes –
   Of wisdom that you deserve more,
And life – laid out for all to view!
   Don’t hide behind a closed door.
Just remember, to self always be true,
   In life, that’s what we all need to do!

Epaphroditus© August 14, 2017