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Thursday, March 22, 2018


On river stones I walked at midnight
Beneath the bright moonlight appears
This shadow of an image…
A silhouette of a woman coming near.
I stood still as the wind stirred –
A sobering moment I’ll have to admit,
Then from the darkness I heard:
“The sounds of a woman weeping”
I call out in despair, “what is wrong?”
It’s your broken heart I am seeking!
I drop the bottle and fell to my knees,
In a broken voice I ask “who are you?”
I am she, comes whispers of the moon,
I’m not dead! I’m a love you once knew.

Epaphroditus© March 22, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Life is short, but death is long,
And in the silence of darkness:

A quiet place where the mind hides –
Here one can find what’s in the heart.

Here I search for understanding
Here I can face all of my fears,
But I’m not afraid of the darkness
Or what lies in the stillness of night.

I will face my uncertainties
The shadows, the silence, and darkness!

I will no longer hide from the truth –
I will break the patterns of fear –
And I know this life is but a moment in time,
But only in death will I live again!

Epaphroditus© March 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Rhymes bouncing in my head all day
Words that dominate my brain for years;
One falling on another trying to compare,
Like strokes on a canvas done with care!
And I, with emotions deeper than the sea –
Like the winds that spins in the trees,
And all the weary eyes I try to please –
Weaving the words for a perfect verse,
Uncertainty is this, a poet’s deadly curse:
On paper I pen – feelings of my heart –
Fragments of love that tears me apart!
And this I know, no one knows me…
Pent – up emotions of forgotten years,
And what comes tomorrow, another day!

Epaphroditus© March 20, 2018


I miss you – that’s just how I feel –
These enter feelings I need to share,
And yes it’s true – I’m a Tarheel!
And I know that you don’t care.
The little things, but most care less,
But in truth it’s all about happiness!
I remember when you were the one –
By the pool we sat in the evening sun,
Yes there were moments, high and low
Recalling yesterday – I loved you so!
The times when love was like a flame,
A happy time – to this heart I wrote –
But my world will never be the same,
I miss you! I miss you! Make a note!

Epaphroditus© March 20, 2018


Love in a heart one can see
This will last forever in me.
Passion and love I must proclaim,
Given from God from whence it came,
The love for you is only a small part -
For a true love given is of the heart.

Epaphroditus© November 10, 2014

Monday, March 19, 2018


Our tears are hidden in the falling rain;
Along this path of life we make our way;
No one can see our heartaches or pain,
There is one thing for certain we can say:

Those that have ears let them hear –
Twenty eighteen is the year of the Jubilee!
So listen dear friends and come near,
It’s every fifty years – just look at history!

Don’t let your heart be filled with despair!
Instead, turn your eyes to heaven above –
Change is upon us – so please prepare!
Blessings are abounding with God’s love.

A journey in life – flight of the unknown,
Be calm in the storm, we are almost home.

Epaphroditus© March 19, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Tread softly when it comes to love,
And question if it’s just in your head!
Be careful who you take to bed –
A heart is broken that you know not of.

A path of destruction is surely laid
Against your heart, against your soul!
There’ll always be a price you’ve paid,
The penalty of love you first must know.

The need for love will never cease…
And sometimes the heart cannot see –
But in the end we have to find peace,
For in truth we all are set free…

Remember, shallow waters run deep –
A heart holds love in its sacred keep!

Epaphroditus© March 18, 2018