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Monday, December 11, 2017


Love – by the cracking fire;
Wine – the taste of desire;
Soft music playing a – melody;
Kisses that brings – harmony.

Passion – embraced in our arms;
Erogenous zones – sensitive stimulation –
   Sweet words that charms;
The need of touch – chills up the spine
   --Heat sets off the fire alarms;
Temptation – screams of satisfaction:
   Desires – the rewards of attraction!
Pleasures – that hearts don’t mind.

Epaphroditus© December 11, 2017



The early morning air filled the room,
   As the sounds of music mellowed down,
And they lay close in each other’s arms,
   Unaware of the noise from the town;
As the heart grows fonder in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

In this moment of passion their needs are fed,
   Within a little chalet affix to a mountainside,
Where hearts can mend from the outside world,
   And the inner spirit can forever be satisfied,
As the heart finds peace in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

If one could only hold this moment forevermore,
   Where love finds happiness that’s pure as the dew,
And the meaning of life is found before it’s gone,
   Here the spirit of love is graphed forever to be true,
As the heart seeks affection in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

In a room filled with more love then can be imagined,
   Where flesh becomes one together from head to feet,
And the mirrors on the ceiling reflects life’s energy,
   Where passion is displayed, but is it ever complete?
As the heart searches for love in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

Epaphroditus© October 2, 2001 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


As the night call your name –
The smoke filled bar is like a cloud,
And to love I’m not so proud!
I listen
The sounds of regret I can now hear.

The music is but a noise in my mind –
The faces of strangers seems so pale,
My enter truth – unveiled
In silence
The whiskey unlocks hidden feelings.

Regret is simply time that fade away –
Loneliness is a word a heart can’t say,
And a night only waits for another day.

But for love there was a price I’ve paid!

Epaphroditus© December 10, 2017


The early hour brings thoughts of you
These hidden feeling so deep in me –
And every night you appear, and I know,
And I know what my heart tries to see.

I feel the tears rushing to my eyes –
And my mind is tangled with regret,
My soul is griped in moments of need!
And it’s my truth I haven’t faced yet.

O the times I drank from passions well,
Like the rain that has fallen from above,
Don’t compared to these tears I’ve cried –
The depths of passion – the depths of love!

If my pillow could count the tears I’ve shed,
Sometimes reality is worse than being dead!

Epaphroditus© October 9, 2000

Saturday, December 9, 2017


The officer said ‘please walk this line!’
But sir, I have only had one beer –
And if I fail, you’ll give me a fine,
‘I said walk the line’ – get over here!

And if you don’t – you’re under arrest!
What right do you have to get in my space?
Are you wearing a bullet proof vest?
And why are you getting in my face!

I have rights, and rights I’ll defend!
Mr. Look in my eyes, do you see any care?
You’ve crossed the line – this need’s to end!
I only had one beer – this is just not fair!

It’s embarrassing – cut off the Christmas lights,
You’re under arrest – I’m reading you your rights!

Epaphroditus© December 9, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017


I sit in solitude looking out my window –
And I know that truth is my reality!
There is only one thing true this day,
Winter seems to bring out sadness in me.
I look at the trees draped with snow –
And I know that silence is hidden away,
Upon the wind are kisses of snow-flakes,
And in my lonely heart I truly know –
There is only one thing true this day,
Winter is not aware of what’s in my soul!
If I were honest I would have to say –
Sometimes I don’t understand life’s way,
“There is no solitude with thoughts of you,
Must I blame winter on a heart that’s blue?”

Epaphroditus© December 8, 2017


Shadows in the meadow are quiet,
And in this quietness my world is right,
It’s here where the shadows quietly lie –
And the beauty before me makes me sigh.

O how the butterflies glitter –
As they dance upon the winds of time,
O this moment of beauty I needed today,
Because it’s here my heart can play.

Through the shadows of baked fossils,
The movement of time, how slow it goes –
The clouds in the western sky are now red,
And I think of a love stored in my head.

Shadows in the meadow as butterflies dance,
It’s where God has given me a second chance.

Epaphroditus© May 3, 2010