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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


The poet of darkness
Hides behind his pen name
A hidden soul that’s full of pain
The poet of darkness
The need for love in his arms
Holes in his soul he cannot darn
The poet of darkness
Words to rhyme, he keeps trying
But he feels his spirit is dying
The poet of darkness
He feels all alone
He would kill himself, but it’s wrong
The poet of darkness
All this pain that no one can see
Surely this poet is not me.

Thomas Theophilus© June 19, 2018


Some say life is about desire
Some say, “What lights your fire?”
I ponder both, some twice –
So you want my advice?
‘To one you will surely hate!
Then why do you contemplate?
Once burned, twice shy
I like desire –
And that is why!’

Thomas Theophilus© June 20, 2018 


What thing shall I say to you?
Thy colors bleed from your armor.
What thing shall I say to you?
Lighting flashing from the sky
Or violins screaming in my head,
Drawing sounds within my soul
Like a thousands drums pounding
Until my spirit burst free.

What is this pain burning inside!
Like an arrow piercing my heart
How can I resolve this inter need
Before the arrows finds its mark.
How does inspiration grow wings?
In a frozen spirit harden by time.
Shall it be awaken by a new day?
That hides in a darkness of fear.

Thy boundaries are an empty pit
As ideas give in to idol thoughts
But thy vastness engages my soul,
Like the fibers of my last breath.
Then, my eyes open to a renewal
Of a moonlit oceans misty waves,
The crashing sounds are unlocked
And passion flows with little work.

You have taken me out of my despair
And broken my spirit into little pieces,
Thy colors bleed from your armor.
Because of a blank canvas before me,
It now seems you will have your say.
Today thy brushstrokes of brightness
Thy rainbow is like an endless river
And my emptiness is filled once more.

Epaphroditus© March 4, 2004

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


THAT inter crave griping my soul!
Like the waves pounding the shore,

It’s like I’m separated from myself
Longing, needing, a tender love,
Love is a beautiful thing, a perfect thing 
That I have lost, but can it be regained.

No matter where I turn
It chases me like a wounded animal,
A broken spirit, a broken heart –
O why has this heart not learned?
That love is the panacea for my soul!
But love, ‘O love, ‘O heart, I know!
Its love I crave…

Thomas Theophilus© June 19, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018


TIME, there is never enough –
That is what we all say;
We wait on the sunrise,
Twenty four hours in a day.
Shadows cast across the room,
Mysterious they seem to fall;
Like the night waits on the moon,
But time controls them all!

If sad or if happy,
Time flies on by,
No time to look up –
A deep breath, a subtle sigh.

Too busy, no time even for death
It would only get in the way!
It is a form of insecurities! –
That’s what Dr. Phil would say!
I have all of these things to do,
A hundred irons in the fire!
And not enough time – it’s true,
Isn’t life all about my enter desire?
A man, must never fear not,
The paradox we have to bear,
It just seems to be our lot –
There are no models to compare!
It’s always a battle for time…

Thomas Theophilus© June 18, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018


I’d like to be the wind that howls,
It’s better than a dog that growls,
Then I’d not worry about anything,
I could breeze through life and sing.
I’d like to be the wind!

I’d not be concerned with food,
And forget those that are rude –
I’d play all day on the hillsides…
And be like a kite that glides.
I’d like to be the wind!

I’d be everybody’s best friend,
And on your face I’d put a grin –
And all your storms I’d make right,
And be calm as you sleep at night.
I’d like to be the wind!

By your window I’d always blow…
And in your heart you would know:
“Only God’s can command (be still)
And to His word I bid His will.”
I’d like to be the wind!

Thomas Theophilus© June 15, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Love me!
Forever –
While I am young, and when I am old,
To love is to love both –
We both took an oath!
Life is but a journey – which we both know.
The storms will come, but we will endure:
Life will be filled with desire and need,
But a house divided will never succeed!
Faced with temptation that sins will lure –
Together we will have to face life’s pain,
But we will endure it all!
We’ll be like flowers that bloom in the rain,
And from the front porch we’ll watch it fall.
Darling, its true love we have found…
And I will love you from dust until dawn,
You make my world spin round and round
Because of darkness your light has shown,
I complete you –
Forever, we are one,
Love is not a farce!

Thomas Theophilus© June 14, 2018