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Friday, February 16, 2018


When the apple tree is in bloom
----All red, pink, and white ----
Lavender fields purple and blue…
And the fruit of life is His delight,
The love He has for me and you –
O the sweet smell of daffodils
As the wind dances through time;
And our hearts long to do His will,
Such beauty that comes to mind!
The tall grasses filled with plumes,
As He walks in the cool of the day –
The angels on high begin to sing,
And mortal man stands dismayed –
But all the birds know its spring.

Epaphroditus© April 5, 2009

Thursday, February 15, 2018


It’s funny how time remains the same,
I’m still that frightened little boy –
Emotions are ageless that stores the pain,
And my heart is still searching for joy.

Left in a world to defend on my own –
And faced with no choice my Dad died,
At the age of ten I was left all alone,
And in secret, all the times I have cried.

Early on I learned how to cover up my pain;
I would push myself to the brink of despair!
When the hurts would arise I’d just reframe –
Because I thought that no one would care.

The times I have looked back on this life,
But in truth I’m still that frightened little boy,
And all the times I have had to deal with strife,
And to those heartaches I try not to employ.

But Dad, I do remember what you taught me –
“To not lean on my own understanding,”
But to trust in God for the things I can’t see,
And when this life becomes too demanding!

I know Dad, you asked God to look over me,
As my soul weeps – there is joy that I can see.

Epaphroditus© May 3, 2000

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


It was a clear winter’s day…
Well maybe a few clouds, but mostly clear,
Then I looked again and there was not a trace –
And I thought, what is going on here?
Beyond my thoughts I focused on this beauty
That set my soul on fire!
She just appeared - it seemed from nowhere,
And she turns and looks at me with eyes of desire!
I thought, “May I kiss you?” I quietly whispered;
It was as if I had lost control –
Then I tell myself, “You don’t know her!”
Her mind, her heart, and her soul you must know!
Then I thought, what if she just says “No!”
O love! O love! In that brief moment I let you go.

Epaphroditus© February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I think it is only fair that you should know…
With prior warning maybe your face won’t glow.
When our lips touch your enter soul will be burned!
From all this hot passion you so yearn.
Your blood will flow like a mighty river setting its pace
Like the sweetness of honey… just right for the taste.
There will be chills running up and down your spine
With this single kiss my love we will entwine.
Your erogenous zones have never known such fire
With such a thirst for love you so desire.
Can the heart stand this beating, the gentleness of pain?
Like the rose petals in the pounding rain.
This abstract notion that you had been kissed before
Now these thoughts will leave you forevermore.         
Your muscles will expand and places become wet
This I can assure you so please don’t fret.
Your veins will thrill like lighting flashing in the sky
Struggle if you may, but you know not why.
The suction from our mouths like a slow gentle rain
So wet and wild, but you won’t complain.
Unconditionally, totally free like grapes give into wine
I am yours and you are mine
Feeling new emotions the ones that have never been 
Fight my love, but you know I am going to win!

Epaphroditus© ‘98

Monday, February 12, 2018


Like a fog rising at dawn
to face each day…
thoughts falling upon thoughts
that hides deep in my memory,
trying not to remember yesterday!
O why now O Lord
that I’m faced with this pain,
arise not, for I will not confess
the truth that’s hidden in my mind!
I have put it away,
to never be seen again!
Suddenly a reality of her memory,
and the truth that lingers there –
etched in the corridors of my mind.

Sadness to bear,
to endure a regret from yesterday…
“I can be bitter, or I can get better;
I can face the truth and except it
or I can let it destroy me.”
Like the fog rising at dawn
I to have to face each day…

Epaphroditus© February 11, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018


The rain falling softly…so softly
   In the shadows of yesterday –
Time is like a rose dying in the shade
   Where love was meant to stay.

Yes I remember when love was mine,
   And when we walked in the rain –
Your eyes were filled with love for me,
   But nothing ever stays the same.

If life could only be content again –
   If I didn’t have to face all this pain;
O love! These battles of the heart!
   But life’s sadness I have to claim.

Love is like a rose dying in the shade –
And now there is death where love laid.

Epaphroditus© February 10, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018


Upon the cool sheets just you and me
   In the arms of a forgotten time;
Here the night feels like eternity –
   Where troubles never come to mind.

What if this night is never again?
   These words my heart cannot say –
Wishing this night would never end,
   And the world outside can go away!

The music played so soft and low…
   And the times we loved – O so true!
And in my heart, it was love, I know –
   O dear yesterday – where are you?

“After the loving I’m still in love with you”
And after all these years it still holds true!

Epaphroditus© February 9, 2018