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Sunday, October 15, 2017


I realize that I was but only dreaming as I embrace my pillow
You were weeping as I held you in my arms so tightly
Trying to regain the moment in my mind of why you were there
Your words were still vivid as they echoed through the stillness
As you wiped your tears away you said “Please hold me forever.”

It’s so rare in life that someone comes along that accepts you
If it’s only the gentleness of a smile or the tenderness of a touch
We could gain the whole world and all of its riches…
Be covenanted by men for all of our great accomplishments
But, there is nothing more precious then someone who loves you.

Your hair was draped over my face as your tears dropped from your eyes
Why are you so sad? You said, “You left me without saying good bye”
But… you told me that you were unable to love anyone…
You should have known that I was lying to you it’s because of all my hurt
I know you are the only one that has ever loved me for the real me.

My eyes well up as I hold your breast close to my heart…
In the silence of the darkness with your warm cheek pressed to mine
I whisper softly in your ear…Oh! How I’ve missed your tender touch
You say I know, “absence makes the heart fonder” I feel you smileJ
Now all that remains are the sounds of two “Heart’s crying in the night”.

Epaphroditus© June’00 


Life, it’s a long journey,
Time, there is never enough,
Wisdom, it comes with age
          For the last mile –
Faced with adversity, year after year,
O dear life! Each moment we hold so dear,
There will be regrets; we will shed a tear –
          But, at life we have to smile.

Tomorrow will bring its own troubles,
Our hands will tremble from words we pen,
          Living life is like a fountain –
That is instilled in the hearts of all men
And to this we should thank God –
          Yes, we’ll climb the last mountain.

Epaphroditus© October 15, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017


I opened the door –
And I walked into the dawn of day.
There is something about mornings
It’s so quiet – O so quiet, as if to say –
The world has stopped to listen –
And then, the birds begin to sing
The fog has awakened from her sleep.
I have not been here before –
The smell of leaves drying in the dew;
Dawn breaks – and the sun rises –
The wind begins to move on the meadow
And time seems to stand still –
Here before me is the breath of dawn –
A sweet whisper of life, before it’s gone…

Epaphroditus© October 13, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Mirror! – Mirror! On the wall
Summer is gone and now its fall
The times that life has made me crawl
And at this moment are hurts I recall!

But in life, I will climb the next hill!
For my God has given me the will –
At the end of the tunnel there is light
And I smile at troubles with such delight!

I will not give up because life is hard!
Packed with regrets the min is marred,
Tomorrow for most – defeat is all they see,
But dear God – let that never be me!

Mirror! – Mirror! On the wall…
Heartaches from life I chose not to recall!

Epaphroditus© October 12, 2017


I shall fall asleep
To the sounds of quietness,
Where darkness surrounds me
And time gentle fades away.

My thoughts drift silently
Like a wayward wind;
They dart to and fro like leaves
Upon a winding dirt road,
Then they flow like a misty fog
That lifts from its morning pond.
From behind my eyelids,
The darkness brings its light;
A greenish autumn hue,
Where red clover turns to blue,
And daises stand in the sun.

A creek drifts by, slow thoughts
And soon the water is gone,
Like a moment in time.

My breath draws slowly inward,
As you appear from the mist;
Then my heart races
As though I couldn’t handle
The mere thought of your beauty.

My pillow is wet
As though the dew had fallen;
I can smell your body
Like the sweet smell of roses.
If I reach for you, will I awaken?
And draw the darkness from its place.
Then a tear drops in the silence
And I know you are here.

Whispers of your voice
Are like droplets of rain
Dancing upon the waters of time;
The air moves as you walk,
And time stands still.
I stare at you through this darkness
For the sparkle in your eyes
That will reflect your love for me.

The night will hide from the day,
Knowing that I need you to stay;
Holding onto the night,
Soon it will end…
But there is no end.

Here, in this darkness, there is no end.
Epaphroditus© January 16, 2004

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Mundane!  Yes –
Life is like the rivers on their courses,
Life is like a meadow of pretty horses,
Life is like the tides upon the shores
And each day opens many doors –
Life is like a gentle hand…
But there are those that have no plan –
Life is memories a heart will store
Until this life is no more!
Yes, life can become mundane,
But thank God we have a choice –
Each day is not the same,
So listen to your enter voice –
Life is yours to live – so why complain?

Epaphroditus© October 10, 2017


I am your water
Thirst with pleasure

Look at me
That I may know you

Swim in my eyes
So you’ll know my soul

Touch my skin
Devour my flesh

Taste me
My lips of cherry wine

And be satisfied

Dive in
And we’ll drown together

Epaphroditus© June 24, 2012