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Sunday, May 20, 2018


The smell of death is all around me, it
Never cease as the fog rises, O this pain in me,
I feel my eyes tear up, tears that are too sad to cry,
This insanity that others cannot see!

Not a moment to rest – not even a time to pray,
And to kill another human I will never know why?
I am here not by choice, but now I have to survive,
What choices do I have, it’s either kill or I will die!

In a bunker near me I can hear someone crying,
Someone’s son like me cast into the Lion’s den –
It’s just a game of war that old men need to play,
But I’m here to tell them that no one will ever win!

It will soon be morning, I guess, the best I can tell,
Dear God, how will I ever forget “the sounds of hell?”

Theophilus© May 20, 2018


Never have any fear, my love,
Secure in my arms you will feel
Because I’m as gentle as a dove,
And I will never break your will.

We will love away this life…
It’d be like we’re on a natural high –
When love is good there is no strife,
And to sadness you’ll never cry.

And to passion that’s the best part,
Loving away the hours, you and me,
No heartache, for I will be your heart
Your feet will think there is no gravity!

You’ll breathe as though there is no air,
With all the love two hearts can share.

Theophilus© May 20, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018


Oh such beauty and tender love
To love it comes as no surprise –
As you stand in your night robe,
And the passion looks in your eyes,
The lure of love over takes me!
But is your gentle heart aware?
That you have the power at hand,
And with a soft word you can declare,
“You will take me to places I’ve never,
          Ever been!”

Oh such beauty! How this heart loves,
If I wanted to run there is no way out!
Oh such beauty! How this heart yearns,
Is love forever, well there is no doubt!
And when the love making is over,
And when the dawn comes at last –
We will know the true meaning of love,
Yes, “to sweet love, the night will past,
          But it’s not the end!”

Theophilus© May 18, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The first day of the week: Monday.
It seems that life is just fine!
Too me it’s just another day
To find enough words that rhyme.

Before I know it it’s: Tuesday.
Paying the bills is a must!
Then a thought comes to mind,
Why does everything have to rust?

O it’s Wednesday! Hump day I guess!
All of these arrans I have to run!
A honey –do – list as long as my leg –
Looks like a man’s work is never done!

My poker game is on: Thursday.
Finally a night out with the boys –
I come home smelling like smoke,
But we men have to have our toys!

Now thank goodness it’s: Friday!
When I become a weekend warrior,
I have waited all week for this –
I’m like a pit bull on a terrior!

Why do they call it reality: Saturday?
A few rounds of golf to complete –
Just take whatever comes my way,
On the golf course is heaven’s retreat.

Hooray! Hooray! It’s football: Sunday!
Kicked back with my beer in hand –
Woman! You better find that remote!
I’m headed to my cave – I’m dah man!

Theophilus© May 17, 2018


Beneath the dark shattered sky,
Where the moon begins to cry –
Abated wait on the morning air,
Wondering if anyone would care?
Shadows are cast across the sea
With little or no thoughts of me –
But in these moments somehow,
There is hope with every vow!

The night waits upon me to shine,
But my master is God the divine!
Life has heartaches – life has pain!
And it seems it’s all taken in vain –
No one sees when the moon cries,
Could it be because people tell lies?

Theophilus© May 17, 2018


When lack of hope infiltrates our soul,
Then it’s time for things we need to know;
We look at life, and say “What’s the deal?”
If we only knew what was behind the next hill!
There has to be more to life than just work –
Someone will always try to take your last shirt!
Remember the times you were out of control,
You looked around for anyone to console –
The look of despair when a heart is defeated,
Then we think, dear God, why was I cheated?
Regrets, they will haunt us until our last day,
Rehearse: “Mountain - Get out of my way!”
Live as though there’re be another tomorrow,
And God will sustain us through our sorrow.

Epaphroditus© November 19, 2017

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


From moonlit nights to empty bars,
   Love in the wrong places one seeks;
Wild women – and fast cars…
   Memories lost upon forgotten sheets!
No heart felt moment as beauty looks,
   It’s all about lust which lust proclaims!
Things you’d find in romance books,
   With love and passion and her games;
Looking back truth is now understood,
   Reflections of time – one’s crazy life!
It was so wrong yet it was so good –
   The pain of regret now cuts like a knife!
The hourglass – as time watches the sand,
We’d like to live life over, but no one can?

Theophilus© May 15, 2018