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Thursday, November 23, 2017


I sit before the burning fire
I can feel the warmth from the heat
And in my heart I have an infinite desire
The mistakes in life I’ll never repeat.

I know that yesterday is gone forever
But if regrets were as quiet as snow –
And if my mind could never remember
A true love I once knew long, long ago.

Memories rush in while sitting by the fire
But why are they stored in my mind?
If I denied my regrets then I’d be a liar
Because, a love, like hers I’ll never find!

By the fire my spirit is as quiet as snow
Thinking of a love I knew long, long ago.

Epaphroditus© November 23, 2017


Mirror! – Mirror! on the wall
Summer is gone and now its fall
The times that life has made me crawl
And at this moment are hurts I recall!

But in life, I will climb the next hill!
For my God has given me the will –
At the end of the tunnel there is light
And I smile at troubles with such delight!

I will not give up because life is hard!
Packed with regrets the mind is marred,
Tomorrow for most – defeat is all they see,
But dear God – let that never be me!

Mirror! – Mirror! on the wall…
Heartaches from life I chose not to recall!

Epaphroditus© October 12, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Beneath the apples drooping shade,
Where time had rusted the old pale,
And memories sleep of days gone by,
But broken hearts never tell their tale.

Why do hearts falter and never mend,
From painful hurts that are never kind,
All for the honor of truth and tender love,
Hidden forever deep within the mind?

Do spirits wonder in the gloom of night?
Searching for refuges in an aching head,
For regrets of decisions that were made,
Lying in darkness brings tears to the bed.

Somewhere is an answer to the questions,
Waiting to be eaten like fruit from a bowl,
The sweetness upon the lips is a panacea,
That life’s passion is as precious as gold.

Gathering wisdom from an endless feast,
For love will not always come back around,
But those that stored cherished memories,
Want end up like… “Apples on the ground.”

Epaphroditus© November 27, 2001


Monday, November 20, 2017


I long for the sweet kisses from you,
Such passion that I have to hold back my tears;
The days I spend with you the skies are blue,
And we will surely love for many years –
The times we sat by our favorite creek…
And a blanket spread where we made love;
Honey drips from your mouth when you speak,
And the angels sing songs from heaven above –
While the fireflies dance in the moonlight.
The wind plays upon a distance hill
And shadows cast long into the summer night –
I look into your eyes, and my heart can’t be still!
I’m close to you like a leaf upon the breeze –
I wait for your touch, a touch with such ease.

Epaphroditus© June 15, 2002


I lie in the stillness of dawn –
In the depths of a troubled mind,
Others have been here, but I’m one
That wishes for another love!
Thoughts of you, the lover of my heart.
The hours pass slowly,
But the night has not had enough,
Then new memories of you start.

My heart is filled with desire,
Like the hot embers of your fire
That draws me into your smoke –
In the darkness I feel your pain,
I hear your whispers to my heart,
And in my despair –
I cry out your name!

Epaphroditus© November 20, 2017


Like the fog that rises upward,
On a cool crisp autumn day,
Thoughts of you shine through
The years of forgotten memories,
That is marred deep in my mind.
It’s hard to look back –
On the regrets of yesterday
To face the pain my mind stored.
The ice melts –
In the cup of life!
O how I remember your scent,
The taste of your lips,
And this pain of regret.

My cup is now empty of love,
My mouth is dry,
I shall drink no more,
It’s empty like my heart –
But I still thirst for you!
Just a small sip from your well.

Epaphroditus© November 20, 2017


Sunday, November 19, 2017


It was a clear, autumn morning –
Chapel bells ringing so loud and clear,
I watch the leaves blowing in the wind,
And I think to myself if you were only here!
The rhapsody of love, and its sweet sounds,
That sets this loneliness in my heart on fire;
When autumn comes the world looks dead,
But then I think of you, and loves’ desire –
Do you miss her “My spirit whispered!”
And I must admit, my heart said – Yes!
And in truth I knew I still loved her…
Then I wonder why my life is such a mess?
When autumn comes the world looks dead,
Like the patterns on a winter’s bedspread.

Epaphroditus© November 19, 2017