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Thursday, January 18, 2018


The end of day is slowly nearing
It seems it will take a while –
Before the moon will be appearing,
And to this heart there is no smile.
Time waits for the night’s greeting –
 “A heart’s silent whispers”…
It’s like two lovers secretly meeting,
But were they merely adulterers?

What causes a loving heart to fail?
And to find rest – that will never be!
In time only the truth will truly tell,
That a lying heart finds no victory!

Epaphroditus© January 18, 2018


Never over… you and me
This I can’t see…
But you say it’s over
The passion – kisses sweet,
My love my lover.

In a moment two hearts meet,
And it’s love they both seek,
O the love! O the passion!
The tears of compassion…

Then in a flash its dead!
And the truth I always dread!
But truth I cannot ration –
Tender words I need to say,
Your soul – your passion –
Don’t let it slip away…
This I pray!

A heart filled with desire,
A bitter pill of reality –
Love is like a quagmire…
It’s with us for an eternity!
A heart in despair,
My heart whispers a prayer,
But love is gone – I guess,
I’m left with sadness!

Love came like an evening tide
And true love can never hide,
And love, I played my part
But you broke my heart…
Never over…you and me,
In time – you’ll see.

Epaphroditus© January 18, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018


On the train I saw her sitting all alone –
I was staring at her when she looks my way,
But I was so shy that I turned away –
Then I wondered how love sets its tone.

Such a beauty that I’d never seen before,
She sees me looking at her and turns away –
So I think, “How can love hide behind a door,”
And why is it that love is so hard to say…

The train stops, and she walks to the door,
Then she turns and looks directly in my eyes –
It was a look that I had never seen before,
I knew what love was – to see where love lies.

The times I have looked for her, words I’d say,
A moment I missed – when love slipped away.

Epaphroditus© January 15, 2018


In the stillness of my soul
The sad sounds of the violin:
Ask “where has passion gone?”
How can I endure this loneliness?
When the night becomes still.

I’m sure when a hundred years pass
Others will ask this very question:
“How can one live without passion?”
But we only see what is before us
With little thought of a true love;
One that reaches to the pit of existence
Where passion cries inside the heart!

In the stillness of time
The violin cries with sadness,
And tears stream from my eyes;
It’s here in this silence…
Where I can hear my heart beat,
And it aches for the love it needs.

What is my purpose here if not to love?
To taste the fruits of your passion,
To lie upon the satin sheets with you,
And to absorb the sweetness of life…
And listen to the violins of my soul.

Epaphroditus© March 12, 2011

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Trump, an American patriot,
Standing against such adversity
          Fighting through his fears!
Hatred will not break his will
In his moments of despair it is
          Wisdom beyond his years.

He is determined “America first!”
A government for the people,
          Our country he must mend,
God, family, and this great nation
With equal opportunity for all,
          To greatness there is no end.

Preordained from his childhood,
A shining moment is yet to come
          “The Art of the Deal”
It is not of fortune or even fame
America’s legacy he’d proclaimed
          This is his shield!

Before the world there is a vision
That America reaps her justly reward,
          Too please all men is very hard!
Therefore, in his heart he will say:
“We all have to believe in our Lord!”
          This is Americas’ Trump card.

Epaphroditus© January 11, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Those eyes!
Your smile so sweet so dear!
You’re like a whirlwind on a hill –
Each moment you beacon my will.

When, the night comes,
And when the morning dew falls –
I reach to find your warm body,
And in this silence your spirit calls!

The times I have waited here…
Like the tide upon the sands –
If I could feel a touch of your hands,
And in this silence I can only cry,
My spirit screams:
“Why can’t I tell you goodbye!”

Epaphroditus© January 9, 2018


Dear love, look at the days gone by
I sit in awe, in silence, and I sigh –
In your well of love I did partake,
And now my heart seems to break!

I try to be strong – I try to be brave,
But it was your love I couldn’t save!
I think of dying, but I want to live –
Forget the past and learn to forgive.

When we are young we’re not so wise
If we’d just learned how to compromise;
I remember our hearts filled with joy –
Games played between a girl and a boy.

My truth, there is no way to keep silent –
And my sad heart has become defiant.

Epaphroditus© January 8, 2018