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Monday, July 31, 2017


Those eyes I get lost in,
And the smell of you I can taste –
The touch of you warms my soul,
And your tender lips
That I long to kiss.
Touching your skin is like velvet
To my fingers,
It’s like the sun rising
In moments of darkness –
Come lie beside me,
And let the night melt away!
There is no tomorrow –
There is no yesterday –
There is only this moment
When love comes to stay!
Give and it shall be given –
O the passion!
The madness of pleasure
That love can’t define –

And yes, it was always you!

Epaphroditus© July 31, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017


O passion! Loves perfect task!
Feel the passion in my eyes?
Slow and easy and never fast,
O passion can’t you hear my cries?

Passion is so precious – I must say,
Like a meadow with all its flowers –
Or the smell of the fresh cut hay…
Endless moments becomes hours.

Love and passion are so beautiful,
And your eyes are a deep blue…
And your words are so grateful –
Maybe that is the reason I love you!

O what a man will do for passion,
I guess I’m just a little old fashion.

Epaphroditus© July 31, 2017


The earth brings forth your beauty so fair;

Your petals adorn the garments we wear,

To touch you is like majesty velvet light

That shines beneath the moon lit night.

The dew kisses you when you fall asleep,

As the soil wraps around your golden feet;

Your color is an array of beauty in the wind,

When hearts are saddened you become a friend.

Your fragrance intoxicates the air we breathe,

But you give hope to those that don’t believe;

The mornings come to introduce your day,

And you stand tall and proud as if to say:

“Dear God! My beauty you have given man,

Brought forth from the thorns of your hand.”


Epaphroditus© January 6, 2003

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Love is mine! Love is mine!
   My passion is thine.
My heart is filled with desire,
   Thoughts that shroud my mind!

Love is mine! Love is mine!
Love and passion all combined,
Strawberries and chocolates to eat,
Your lips of honey are so sweet!
The songs of love entice my soul –
Love is something you need to know!
The sound of love is so divine …
My table is set – so come and dine –
   Feast on this love of mine!

Epaphroditus© July 29, 2017


My Dear Lord:
Help me to stand like a mighty oak
   Which endures the storms of life,
And help me face my problems today –
   Because I know there will be strife!
Let not the things of life get in my way
   For you are my armor and my shield,
Let me be like the lilies of the field
   For they worry not for their next meal –
Such beauty I’ve never known before;
   Teach me O Lord to know your love
Because soon this life will be no more.

Epaphroditus© July 29, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017


What is this thing called “desire”?
   It dresses in such temping attire –
Too often it comes late into the night
   As if to say, I’ll bring you delight!
For I know the needs that are inside,
And tonight you’ll give in to your pride,
It’s where passion and love coincide –
In a moment of need you’ll let it stay –
A loves’ desire as the night melts away!

There is a weakness in the heart of a man,
   Temptation comes and makes her demand!
It’s like a dawn that needs the light –
   All reasoning and logic has taken flight!
And in the morning he blames the night –
In moments of need, in moments of delight!
   So what is this thing called “desire”?
To blame it on others means he is a liar –
   No excuses – just preaching to the choir!
Its love and passion that have to conspire.

Epaphroditus© July 28, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017


O America! Kneel down and pray,
And to a forgiving God we need to say:
O Lord, bless this land, O mighty God!
Give back the things the enemy robbed.
Let us turn our eyes upon the cross,
Let us all pray for those that are lost –
Dear Lord let us return back to you
Respect for others and our President too!
Let us return to the values of yesterday…
Give us another chance O Lord, we pray!
Let the bells of freedom ring with peace,
Stop all of the hatred – let it all cease!
Guide President Trump whom we adore,
Help him with the burdens he must bore!

Epaphroditus© July 27, 2017 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The wind blew peacefully upon the hill,
As I lie in the meadow – silent and still.
The loss of yesterday I wanted to cry…
And in my heart I can only ask why –
O meadow, how my tears dry in the wind,
But the wind cares less of where I’ve been!
Then I notice the dancing butterflies –
But they as well can’t hear my cries…

O how the meadow is so enchanting
It’s like the rewards of a perfect painting!
But time marches on in the mist of this,
If only you were here – I wish, I wish!
O the heartaches of life please melt away,
O gentle winds bring peace to where I lay.

Epaphroditus© July 26, 2017


There are times I use the wrong words
And I cry inside
Where tears are not visible
For you to see,
                   The true love in me.

I must cry alone
                   For the fear of rejection…

        I can rationalize
Why I can’t express my feelings to you
And I wonder how you still love me
For the faded moments,
          When words were all you needed.

Epaphroditus© October 4, 2013


Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I sit with my drink in hand
As I write your name in the dust;
I seem to have lost my reason for living,
But I know a purpose in life is a must!

I search my mind for a reason why –
But reasoning doesn’t come this day!
Maybe if the rain starts pouring down
It will wash your memories away!

Love has a strange effect on one’s mind,
And the whiskey brings out other feelings;
I am trying to hold on to my sanity…
Remembering all of my deceitful dealings!

Reflections of a name looking back at me,
Only if I could find the right words to say:
If I could look into your eyes once more –
I know it would be just like yesterday!

Your name written on a table in dust –
Is a reminder of when I broke your trust!

Epaphroditus© July 25, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017


“O fairest Lady, with your bedroom eyes”
“Tell me, things of your heart you hide?”
   Your beauty, “Unlike any I’ve ever known,
It will surely be the end of my demise.”

Your face brings light to the darkest night,
The hardest of hearts can’t endure your sight;
  What beauty my eyes can stare upon
Like the splendor of roses in the morning light.

When the mountains rise to kiss the sky,
Your beauty gives light where meadows loom,
  And the shadows of clouds unveil my day
That brings joy to a heart that wants to cry.

Epaphroditus© July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 23, 2017


When time has slipped away
Like the shadows of yesterday.
The reaper will come to call,
And to this life he shall take all!

It won’t matter if things are neat,
Or if you have shoes upon your feet,
And if your hair is all pretty and set-
With ribbons and bows or a golden net.

He has come to deliver his given duty,
And it doesn’t matter about your beauty.
When this life ends it is over and done,
And there’ll never be another setting sun.

They will mark your plot upon the lawn,
It’s too late for tears and words so fond;
A life of grace then a judgment you’ll see
The troubles of this world will not ever be.

We shall no longer drink the sweet wine
For the darkness of life has drawn her line;
There will be no reason to question why-
If you’ve loved it will be a long goodbye.

Epaphroditus© June 26, 2011


Saturday, July 22, 2017


I feel you near me
In so many ways,
But how can I remember
Those times of yesterdays,
The games a heart plays,
Of a love sick fool!

I loved you so much
At least it now seems,
The night will linger
Of you in my dreams;
The moon casts beams,
Of a love sick fool!

So I look back at
My heart filled with sorrow!
And sadness I only know –
For there is no tomorrow
And no time I can borrow
For a love sick fool!

Epathroditus© July 22, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


In the fullness of the night I long for you.

Upon my skin I feel the rushing waters
That flows like an ocean to my eyes.

I may drown from this passion I feel.

If you were lying next to me-
My soul wouldn’t need to cry.
You would fulfill this void

that aches in my heart.

“Touching my skin” is like heaven:
You fill my soul, you complete me.”

Come close to me-


Hold me, touch me

Forever, and 


Until this need goes away.

Epaphroditus© January 30, 2011

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I think if your love was real,
   And if you were here today –
I would know you loved me,
   Then I’d believe what you say!

But in truth you are not here;
   You decided to go away –
You said I’ll make it on my own,
   So I said “Have it your way!

If love had been at its best,
   We could have “compromised”
But look at all of this emptiness,
   And the sadness it has caused.

If you loved me – if it were true –
Your heart would know what to do!

Epaphroditus© July 16, 2017


I know you are unhappy, so what can I do?
Could it be up to me to set your heart free?
Darling does it come down to a choice for you-
My love, unhappy is something you shouldn’t be.

I hear the sadness in your voice that has no rest,
And I see your eyes glimmer with uncertainty,
And the pride that rises in your troubled breast,
You are unsure still, unsure of life like me.

Your mouth shows curves with its infinite stress,
You hold back the tears, but the truth you know,
The hurts you cover up within your proud breast-
But its love you need to know and I love you so.

Epaphroditus© July 4, 2012

Saturday, July 15, 2017


The times of yesterday and broken dreams,
When I walked through this life all alone;
Dealing with people and all their schemes,
A discontented life with an animus tone!
Feeling hidden beneath a rugged coat…
And thoughts of her are a burning pain!
And all those love letters that I wrote…
Are only fragments of words that I claim!
I now look at the other side of tomorrow,
And I cling to the memories that are gone;
Faced with all my regrets and life’s sorrow,
I can only sit in the silence all alone…
So I ask, what have I learned along the way,
And with sadness I look back at yesterday!

Epaphroditus© July 15, 2017


For no reason it’s just how I feel
I thought of you and wanted to share.
You are not here and I feel that’s not fair!
Just my enter thoughts – it’s no big deal!
Sometimes I just need to confess…
Moment of sadness and this loneliness –
I just need to say you are the only one,
And to express myself I have not done!
You are not here and I’m feeling low –
And I just needed to say: “I love you so!”
For no reason you came to my mind
And yes, there is truth, in a bottle of wine –
So darling, my feelings I wanted to share,
I just needed to tell you: “This is not fair!”

Epaphroditus© July 15, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I walked between love and hate
   Sadness seems more than I could bear,
The grave stones were faded and gray
   I wanted to cry, but I didn’t dare.

I gave thought as I walked alone
   The grass was withered beneath my feet,
As the wind seemed to twirl around
   The lives they lived are now complete.

Calmness came over me this solemn day,
   As I made my way along life’s path;
Between my thoughts – what words to say –
   A prayer I uttered on their behalf.

Epitaph read: “I once walked where you
are today, live life before it fades away.”

Epaphroditus© July 12, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Our President, the people’s voice,
America has now made the right choice!
The time has come for us all to do some good,
With hand in hand we stand in “brotherhood!”
Finally there is a light we all can see,
The land we love – the land of the free!
We need to forget the past and all the deceit,
The work before us we need to complete!
All that has died to guard other lands
Now look at our own flag that proudly stands!

Our President, he stands for truth,
Groomed for the job since his youth!
In his heart he knows what is right,
And together we all have to stand and fight!
Look at his accomplishments, and not the man,
Put all of your worries in God’s hand –
America, the land of the brave…
To all the endless lies this nation won’t cave –
The time has come for us all to do some good,
If you had a chance I know you would!

Our President, all he ask is just a chance,
So please don’t stand in his way…
It’s time for America to get ready to dance!
Come on America – what do you say?
The stars and stripes are flying high –
And tears our Eagle will no longer cry,
Look to the heavens and hope you will see!
Trumpets of truth with a mighty sound!
It’s time for America to rewrite its history –
This you can believe, God never lets us down!
Remember our birth – when America began,
God bless America – let’s all sing it again!

Epaphroditus© July 4, 2017

 In honor of:      

Donald J. Trump Our 45th President


From: The Gates of hell

It is early morning as the fog rises slowly –
The birds have awaken me in my foxhole,
Then out of nowhere a mortar explodes near me!
Then the gates of hell are opened!
I hear the screams of my comrade’s cry out!
Dear God! I’m only eighteen years of age –
Then there is a silence that comes upon me…

To: The Gates of heaven

It’s as though I have awakened from my sleep –
I hear the beautiful serenading of songs,
I open my eyes to the beauty of a divine light,
I feel a peacefulness that I have never known!
Then comes the reality of the life I once knew,
All that I had learned as a small child –
Standing before me are gates of solid pearl…

Epaphroditus© July 11, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017


The wind dances in an ominous place,
And the things in life I have to face;
Clouds move slowly beneath the moon
Casting its shadows across my room –
Then I hear the endless cries of the sea,
But why does it bring out sadness in me?

In my slumber sleep I had this dream –
Of you whispering sweetly in between
These feeling for you that run so deep
Your cries awake me from my sleep!
O those endless cries from the sea…
Awakens these needs that hide in me!

I lie quietly with these thoughts in me,
But my needs I can’t blame on the sea!

Epaphroditus© July 10, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Into the bank of my heart
   You can deposit love –
There’re no withdrawals
   Nor sadness to claim
Only golden treasures
   Where love has value –
No debit or no checks
   Only love has the key
To unlocked a heart’s safe
   Where no one can steal
What is given freely –
   To those that have love
You can only withdraw
   What you deposit!

Epaphroditus© July 9, 2017


When in love, do we understand?
It seems the heart is in command
That is the thoughts, of sort
But do we know the rules of the court-
We make promises that are so sweet
Then our feeling hide and retreat;
With cards and poems that are written,
In the throes of love we are smitten!
Before God our words are executed,
Then we go before man to be disputed;
Sometimes it’s too late before we learn,
   The things we can’t understand
   When hurts have no direction, and
Then our feelings somehow return.
To be in love we have to have trust,
And without jealousy, this is a must!
To know love leaves little doubt;
But the heartaches of love life poses-
And we can’t find an easy way out,
It’s like faded pages of crushed roses.

Epaphroditus© December 3, 2011 

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Memories that are forgotten…
Boxes hidden away gathering dust;
The ones we loved are now gone –
Like old relics that now begin to rust.

The memories I now hold in my hands
Take me back to forgotten days;
They were here in this time and place,
And I know I am much like their ways.

We are left here in life to carry on…
But were we left behind to do their will?
(A family legacy instilled on our grid)
That helps us get beyond the next hill!

In the boxes are old letters my Dad wrote
The pages are now yellow and torn;
Words penned of feelings of love for Mom –
A time of wonderment before I was born.

These wonderful memories I hold so dear
And the times I saw them dance;
I replace the lids on each box with care –
But before I do, I take one more glance.

One day when others look back at my life
Of fond memories that they can view,
And remember all the love I had for them…
Memories packed away in boxes for you.

Epaphroditus© July 8, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017


Do you remember when problems were small?
Things of tomorrow your eyes didn’t even see,
And when things happened we just let it be,
O the feelings of love – this we need to recall!
Does it really matter the times we have failed?
Disappointments in life we just need to let go –
These are words of wisdom you need to know!
Listen to your heart where love is unveiled.

We win at love, and even sometimes we fail,
But in time our broken hearts have to heal!
The heart and mind battles to lives very end –
We can’t give up – just blaze a new trail!
With conviction –I’ll win – that’s how I feel!
And each morning – feelings starts again.

Epaphroditus© July 7, 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I opened the door,
And walk into dawn’s break of day.
It is still silent outside –
So quiet in the stillness of morning –
I looked around
And then, the fog begins to slowly rise –
It seems the night has quietly gone.
A cool breeze begins to play in the trees –
Then the birds begin to sing,
And the quietness has now broken!
There is something special about dawn –
It’s an awakening of life,
It comes for a brief moment…
And then it drifts away.

Epaphroditus© July 6, 2017


Have you watched an Eagle in flight?
Have you heard a whippoorwill cry at night?
Have you listen to the wind in the trees?
Have you watched the twirling of the leaves?
Have you heard a dog’s howling sound?
Have you listen to the rain coming down?
Have you watched a stream as it passes by?
Have you thought of life and questioned why?
Have you looked from a mountains view?
Have you thought of life’s purpose through?
Have you watched butterflies and what they do?
Have you thought of how much I love you?

Epaphroditus© July 6, 2017