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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Our President, the people’s voice,
America has now made the right choice!
The time has come for us all to do some good,
With hand in hand we stand in “brotherhood!”
Finally there is a light we all can see,
The land we love – the land of the free!
We need to forget the past and all the deceit,
The work before us we need to complete!
All that has died to guard other lands
Now look at our own flag that proudly stands!

Our President, he stands for truth,
Groomed for the job since his youth!
In his heart he knows what is right,
And together we all have to stand and fight!
Look at his accomplishments, and not the man,
Put all of your worries in God’s hand –
America, the land of the brave…
To all the endless lies this nation won’t cave –
The time has come for us all to do some good,
If you had a chance I know you would!

Our President, all he ask is just a chance,
So please don’t stand in his way…
It’s time for America to get ready to dance!
Come on America – what do you say?
The stars and stripes are flying high –
And tears our Eagle will no longer cry,
Look to the heavens and hope you will see!
Trumpets of truth with a mighty sound!
It’s time for America to rewrite its history –
This you can believe, God never lets us down!
Remember our birth – when America began,
God bless America – let’s all sing it again!

Epaphroditus© July 4, 2017

 In honor of:      

Donald J. Trump Our 45th President

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