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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Memories that are forgotten…
Boxes hidden away gathering dust;
The ones we loved are now gone –
Like old relics that now begin to rust.

The memories I now hold in my hands
Take me back to forgotten days;
They were here in this time and place,
And I know I am much like their ways.

We are left here in life to carry on…
But were we left behind to do their will?
(A family legacy instilled on our grid)
That helps us get beyond the next hill!

In the boxes are old letters my Dad wrote
The pages are now yellow and torn;
Words penned of feelings of love for Mom –
A time of wonderment before I was born.

These wonderful memories I hold so dear
And the times I saw them dance;
I replace the lids on each box with care –
But before I do, I take one more glance.

One day when others look back at my life
Of fond memories that they can view,
And remember all the love I had for them…
Memories packed away in boxes for you.

Epaphroditus© July 8, 2017

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