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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Life holds such beauty
   Of our precious world
      Lost in time and space
         As the rose uncurls.

Life is our zest
   Like the morning dew;
      That kisses each rose,
         Knowing what to do.

Smell the honeysuckles
   Aroma’s that fills the air;
      Life is lived in moments
         If only we would care.

Life is like a song
   Always playing in our head;
      The night passes slowly
         While asleep in our bed.

We hear the sounds of night
   Like the wind in a tree;
      O the dark shadows
         That is following me.

The eerie sounds echo
   Of a sad whippoorwill;
      Life is so uncertain
         That it breaks ones will.

Upon a moonlit path
   The darkness is so deep;
      Before me lies a mountain,
         That’s high and so steep.

Life stares at tomorrow,
   Light and darkness drift apart;
      My eyes begin to feel heavy,
         So I say goodnight heart.

Epaphroditus© July 5, 2017

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