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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


From: The Gates of hell

It is early morning as the fog rises slowly –
The birds have awaken me in my foxhole,
Then out of nowhere a mortar explodes near me!
Then the gates of hell are opened!
I hear the screams of my comrade’s cry out!
Dear God! I’m only eighteen years of age –
Then there is a silence that comes upon me…

To: The Gates of heaven

It’s as though I have awakened from my sleep –
I hear the beautiful serenading of songs,
I open my eyes to the beauty of a divine light,
I feel a peacefulness that I have never known!
Then comes the reality of the life I once knew,
All that I had learned as a small child –
Standing before me are gates of solid pearl…

Epaphroditus© July 11, 2017

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