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Sunday, July 9, 2017


When in love, do we understand?
It seems the heart is in command
That is the thoughts, of sort
But do we know the rules of the court-
We make promises that are so sweet
Then our feeling hide and retreat;
With cards and poems that are written,
In the throes of love we are smitten!
Before God our words are executed,
Then we go before man to be disputed;
Sometimes it’s too late before we learn,
   The things we can’t understand
   When hurts have no direction, and
Then our feelings somehow return.
To be in love we have to have trust,
And without jealousy, this is a must!
To know love leaves little doubt;
But the heartaches of love life poses-
And we can’t find an easy way out,
It’s like faded pages of crushed roses.

Epaphroditus© December 3, 2011 

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