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Friday, June 30, 2017


The word ‘Love’ is something beautiful,
When we find that passion lives there –
And my friend, love is all we have that
Makes the world go around!

When we sit and look at the moon together
It’s a heart thing – holding each other –
That friend is what makes love work, and
Makes the world go around!

Saying sweet words is nectar to our soul,
It is needed in the making of love –
When said with truth the heart melts, and
Makes the world go around!

A single rose picked just for you will do,
Without a show of love – love will die –
And love like the rose needs its dew

To sustain the enter needs of one’s heart
The expression of love casts its own spell –
The very essence of love, and passion
Makes the world go around!

Epaphroditus© June 30, 2017

Love a la mode

I remember the smell of a rose,
In the early morning at dawn;
The rose waits on the kisses of dew,
And like the bees my heart is drawn.
And deep in my spirit I seem to find
Amidst God’s wonderment I recall;
I thought of a love – so dear to me,
Her beauty shone above them all!

Her memory will linger forever,
Such thoughts so sad – yet so sweet
Of you, standing in the shadows –
An enduring beauty from head to feet.
There are moments the night brings,
And my heart knows not what to do;
Your memory haunts me like a dog,
Echoing in the night – crying for you!

I can still see the passion in your eyes,
Shining silk curls of your hair so long;
The touches of your fingers with desire,
And in your sweet voice was love’s song.
But I know now that our time has faded,
And it’s in my dreams your face I see;
Remembering a serving of love a la mode,
And a time when you loved only me.

Epaphroditus© June 30, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Fool me, fool me, and fool me!
That’s what you want,
You lie, you cheat, and deceive!
Don’t look at me like I’m
You are just insecure
In my opinion!
Alright, then you tell me.
Tell me where I am wrong:
Fools need no introduction!

I never liked your left point of view!
So you challenge my intellect
And take my points as your own
All of them!
But –
It matters not that you steal from
They will always
Have a better point of view!

When you have wronged others
With your venom
It may put a notch in your belt.
But be assured of this:
Life will go on without you!

So let me say this
Through my fingers truth flows –
You don’t believe me?
Fool me, fool me, and fool me!
But this I know:
Those that lie to gain fame
Are nothing more than
Deluded fools!

Epaphroditus© June 28, 2017