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Sunday, December 31, 2017


Listen, to the sounds of the wind
Howling and prowling into the night;
Have you wondered what it is saying?
And watch it when it is kissing a kite.

And there are times it gets in a rush!
Dancing in trees, and along the street;
Listen closely – as if it is calling you!
It makes the heart and soul complete!

It hammers and hammers at the door,
Then it gently taps on a window pane;
It’s as though it is teasing your mind,
And then it brings the evening rain.

Stop for a moment – listen to the wind,
I think it is trying to be your friend…

Epaphroditus© December 31, 2017


Loves’ endless cry never ends,
Even when needs seems so small;
In the shadows love always waits –
And in silence you can hear its call.

To loneliness there is no answer,
When the heart cries out in pain;
Hurts seem to last for a life time –
And sanity, the mind tries to attain!

Two hearts always trying to be right,
And with discontent a spirit will close;
Heart and mind – times they’ve fought –
With different viewpoints they oppose.

O the loudness of loves’ endless cry!
And there’ll never be an answer to why.

Epaphroditus© December 31, 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017


When I look back on a love from yesterday –
   I try to understand what my heart has to say;
In simply terms, my heart knows the truth!
O how I’ve pondered these thoughts for hours,
Why has love and passion become cowards?
I look inside my soul – I need a better view –
I need the meaning of love, than I think of you!
All of these memories my mind has kept –
And the endless nights this heart has wept!
Love can bloom and fade like a perfect rose,
It’s either the beginning or the end I suppose!
In simple terms, my heart knows the truth!
There are so many things I’ve had to considered,
Just someone I knew that regrets have triggered!

Epaphroditus© December 30, 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017


When it’s time they will lay me down,
There’re be no time left to fool around
From this life to heaven’s pearly gate,
To live forever – this I truly anticipate!
My belief system no one could ever sway,
Because in childhood I was taught that way,
And now my earthly body I’ll leave to decay!

Buried me under an old shady oak tree,
Where I can feel the coolness of a breeze,
Where passers - bye can wonder and smile,
And ponder on a life gone for a little while.
My belief system no one could ever sway,
Because in childhood I was taught that way,
And now my earthly body I’ll leave to decay!

I’ll get old I’m told, so this I have to say:
“I will live this life until that final day!”
The poems I leave behind for others to read,
Remember you have to follow before you lead –
My belief system no one could ever sway,
Because in childhood I was taught that way,
And now my earthly body I’ll leave to decay!

Tombstones all in a roll, a hundred or more
All the people that have gone on before –
On my Epitaph they all can read:
“The love I gave was far my better deed.”
My belief system no one could ever sway,
Because in childhood I was taught that way,
And now my earthly body I’ll leave to decay!

Dear friends, raise a glass, and drink the wine,
And think of me as you sit and dine –
Think of the passion and the love I had for life,
Give not a thought to my sorrows and strife –
My belief system no one could ever sway,
Because in childhood I was taught that way,
And now my earthly body I’ll leave to decay!

Epaphroditus© December 29, 2017


Mornings are the best part of a day
   Life begins with the sunrise –
Where calmness finds its way
   And a joy we can’t compromise.

A peaceful place, we call mornings
   A place where the heart sings –
Some of these fine winter mornings
   --Maybe it’s why the fog clings.

Here we can sing songs of happiness
   And troubles will soon past –
We’ll sing the songs of gladness
   And it’s where memories will last.

Mornings are the best place on earth –
Renewed each day – an undetermined worth!

Epaphroditus© December 29, 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Can we talk?
    These feelings – so many things –
Maybe if we just take a walk
   And smell the flowers of spring.

We can talk about forgiving,
   We just need to talk about it –
It’s just a part of living…
   We both have to do a little bit.

A compromise is always a win-win!
   On the park bench we can sit –
Holding hands – means to an end,
   We just need to do it!

Remember – we were first friends –
And a wounded heart always mends.

Epaphroditus© May 28, 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I love the way you talk to me
I love the way you fix your hair
I love the way you drive my car
I love the way you share
I love your cute little smile
I love the way you manage time
I love you so much my heart hurts
I love your sweet words that rhyme
I love it when you are even right
I love it when you pout and sigh
I love it when you make me laugh
I love you even more when you cry
I love it when we mess around
I love to tease you when you are blue
I love it when you are being a clown
I love the ways you love me too!
I love you too much is my downfall
I love the music my heart has found
I love you darling – but that’s not all!

Epaphroditus© December 25, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017


The Carolina Mountains
To the Atlantic shore,
My dream of dreams is –
When winter is no more!

O the winter Geese
I hear not a single call,
The ponds are all frozen
And the ground can’t thaw.

Snow hangs on the Cedar,
And the cold I must endure –
As the north winds blow,
But spring awaits my cure.

O winter nights – sitting by the fire
And Christmas songs played on the lyre!

Epaphroditus© December 25, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017


When all the stars have fallen down,
And when they’ve put me in the ground –
When the winds no longer blow,
And when the roses bloom in the snow –
When the sunshine is out of view,
I will never forget you!
When the willows stop standing tall,
And when my mind cannot recall –
When my weary eyes forget how to cry,
And there will be no questions to why –
Each hour before my day has to start,
I’ll carry you in the pockets of my heart –
This I promise: “Like the morning dew,
I will never forget you!

Epaphroditus© December 24, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017


The fog rose slowly, one still, clear morning
And it said “Have you thought of her today?
Moving in the valley floor with a mystic way,
   In silence it stirs one’s soul.
I will not dissipate like the summer rain,
And the wind shall not bring me its fearsome pain,
Because this passion burning will not be in vain,
   For this love for her she must know!”

Then it rose to the mountaintops where eagles fly,
Through the pines it floated with shadows of mist,
Draping the landscape with droplets of sweet dew,
   Over the still waters it spread
In the stillness you could feel its peacefulness,
As it hovered by the rocky crest
One can feel that God is near
   Where troubles disappear from your head.

Through the willows by the river’s bed as we slept,
And over meadows of clover it surely swept,
Watching like a child as it makes its first step,
   As the sun hangs in a sky of blue
Waiting patiently for the day to begin.
The bent grass is starting to stand tall with its view,
And the bird’s sweet melody sounds so true,
   Then there were thoughts of you.

But the fog did something that was unfair,
It cast its blanket upon my soul, and finding there
That life was fading, but not the love I have for her,
   “Now, you must set things right,
Or this true love will surely be lost,” I said;
“The cost is more than my heart can bear,”
Then please tell her! Before it’s too late,
   Hide not as I do from the light.

Epaphroditus© July 17, 2001

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


A double standard of facts! I mean all –
You always want things your way, in fact
You ran this train off the track…
I requested a do over – if you can recall?
Then you bring up the past, that was small,
It’s a simple discussion, but you have no tact!
When I speak, all you can do is counteract –
I state the truth, but you want to have a brawl,
Emotions are always at play! It’s a mind game
I’m not here to make you feel insecure, a heart
Needs understanding, what’s with all the blame,
It’s not my fault! I was just explaining my part –
We’re at an impasse – forgiveness we must seek,
But the trouble is – now I’m afraid to speak!

Epaphroditus© December 20, 2017



The oak stood straight and tall –
The clock struck four in the hall,
And in the window I saw the sun –
And on the wall your picture hung.
My heart aches, and time is slow,
On the table are apples in a bowl –
O for true love my soul is searching,
Memories fading, but always seeking
And I ask, “What is all this worth,”
Understanding I’ve needed since birth.
Clouds move quietly across the skies,
But no one can hears my enter cries –
In the stillness of time uncertainty calls,
Memories of your love my mind recalls.

Epaphroditus© December 20, 2017


I turn to whiskey
   and cry out
and I see your face in the darkness

I look into my soul
   and I hear yesterday,
   your spirit calling me

Across the smoke filled room
   I search
   and in the shadows
   for imagines,
   of you

In my tears
   knowing that I have lost you
   and my heart is dying,
   music is only a noise
   and whiskey can’t drown yesterday

My heart is ripped into pieces
   I’m cold and sad
and filled with regret

Reaching in the darkness
   and I cry out:
“why did you leave me!”
   as my heart dies alone.

Epaphroditus© December 20, 2017


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Heaven’s light shines above all,
   And to this life I claim:
It’s as though the heavens call
   “Jesus is His name!”

Through my mortal eyes I see,
   God’s truth is never faint;
An enter knowing of glee –
   Wisdom we can’t constraint!

I know my home is not here
   It lies far beyond the stars;
A longing that plays in my ear,
   Just the other side of mars.

Heaven’s light shines above all,
   And to this life I claim:
It’s a longing for heavens call –
   “Life here was just a game.”

Epaphroditus© May 19, 2017


Monday, December 18, 2017


Just in awe
My eyes trace the imagine of your portrait
A face that reminds me of an angel,
The beauty in your eyes, your hair, and
Your lips, my heart is over whelmed by
The way you hold your statue of such grace;
Lost in your eyes, I ponder, how can I
Ever endure the touches of your beauty –
Just in awe
I remind myself that your beauty will fade,
But the love in your heart will live forever.

Epaphroditus© August 4, 2016


On the wind I heard a meadows’ cry,
An awful sound screaming in my head!
You were so vibrate, and so alive –
And now your colors are gray and dead.

I look, but your infinite beauty is gone,
And to your sadness – you’re not alone.

Here in the silence of autumn’s pull –
Where the meadow needs time to rest,
And now the wind sleeps in the shade,
But in spring you’ll put on your best.

In this life the seasons will go on…
And like the flowers we to have to die –
But beyond life God has a better place,
And there the meadow will no longer cry.

Epaphroditus© October 15, 2017

Sunday, December 17, 2017


   My enter self – still parts unknown;
My heart remembers feelings that’s gone,
I’m like a leaf that the wind has blown –
And will I love again even if it’s wrong.
The troubles in life I have gone through,
But now that I’m wiser I have a better view.
   Looking back – was life taken in vain,
But not enough to ease my hearts pain!
Promises I made to always hold you near
But are memories now filled with fear –
The irony is that I let your love slip away…
And now I’m faced to remember yesterday!
My enter self – we sit and drink all alone –
   Regret is the price this heart can’t atone.

Epaphroditus© December 17, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Love –
Breath of life
And passion
Of all
And of all

We need love
Each moment,
Without love –
(There is no hope!)

We can’t exist
Without love –
(Just Try It)

Yes it’s simple –
A heart
Needs to be loved
With passion
A basic need
Of all
And of all

Epaphroditus© December 16, 2017


I stood with amazement on a moonlit night
   As I heard my sad heart say:
“Forget yesterday, and remember in life
   We don’t always get things our way.”

Then I think, time is quickly slipping away –
   O yesterday, the times my heart has prayed,
Today will soon pass like all the rest have –
   And I know life is not a happy serenade.

I try to look beyond life’s circumstances,
   Of spring that lies beyond the winters cold,
And of happier years that will surely come –
   That will bring love to my troubled soul.

So here I am standing in the shadows of time,
Waiting on love – a true love I can call mine.

Epaphroditus© December 16, 2017


By the meadows edge where golden rods
Once stood before the winter’s freeze –
The corn is now brown as the sage fields,
As I remember them blowing in the breeze.

Then I cry out, “O summer I miss you so!”
And the times we danced and played –
But winter is a kind reminder in this life,
With pleasure there is a price to be paid.

The beauty of life is like a painting of art,
Just look at the snow upon the ground –
This array of beauty fills my empty heart,
And in this – there is love to be found.

This is reality – the frozen ground awaits –
And until summer my soul is in dire straits.

Epaphroditus© December 15, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017


How amazing is the mind?
Amongst all the stupid things I find,
I mean it’s all kinds of crazy stuff!
And to describe it is kind a tough –
I scribble notes and make an outline,
And I try to bring reasoning to the light,
The things people say blows my mind!
I’m sure they are trying to get it right –
The ways of people I try my best to learn,
But it’s like fishing without a worm!
“Two and two are four minus three is one”
But for simple math – there is truly none!
Just this once if the truth could tell me why,
It’s basic logic that people cannot simplify!

Epaphroditus© December 14, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Yesterday has come and gone.
Today I sit all alone.
I think, is this happiness at its best,
Life and love, have I passed the test –
Life has many issues – I’m told,
And love, well one just has to be bold!
Up in the morning, and off to shave,
I live in a world that I cannot save –
Looking in the mirror, I’ve aged a bit,
The truth is the truth, it has to fit!
Failures in life – too many to name,
It serves no purpose for me to blame!
Today I’ll make a note:
“Happiness at its best” my pen wrote.

Epaphroditus© December 14, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


When the frost comes, and the leaves die
And I watch as the warm days go,
And though it seems only hours ago,
The twilight of autumn puts on a show;
Here in wonderment, am I
To think, how will I endure this cold?
Knowing that life is like this, so let it be
And except each day as reality.

Depressing is nothing but wrong
I tell myself, its autumn, not I,
But I miss the flowers, why did they die,
From my window I look, but they’re gone,
And in the cold I’m all alone;
Sadness creeps into my soul I cannot lie;
The geese fly south in a sky of blue,
Wind blows the leaves, and I think of you.

Autumn brings sadness to my heart,
The beautiful colors that summer had,
But I think of you, than I’m glad
That you were here to play a part;
You were my music, you were my art –
Painting of autumn, that’s why I’m sad,
Please come again sweet summer of mine,
We’ll dance and play, and drink the wine!

Epaphroditus© November 9, 2015


Breathe dear heart with ease,
Say a prayer before you rise –
Ask for forgiveness if you please,
As the tears dry in your eyes.
Not much in life comes with ease,
So let this troubled spirit be still.
Be like a leaf blowing in the breeze,
And look not beyond the next hill.

Be still O spirit happiness you’ll find,
There’ll be time enough for weeping,
Let positive thoughts enter your mind,
The twilight before dawn is leaping!

Always say a prayer before you rise –
Be true to thy heart “Don’t compromise!”

Epaphroditus© December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


In the darkness – O restless mind!
   of memories lost:
Maybe it was my fate – love has cost.
Yesterday, in my heart I can’t be still
   regrets was not God’s will:
And in life one hopefully is content
   with things I hold so dear:
Whose knows, tomorrow is out of sight
   waiting – but one should never fear!
O darkness! Will you ever see the light?
   and to my mind life makes no sense
Decisions, I need to get off of the fence!
Life – we are only allotted a given time
   so do not dread – O restless mind!

Epaphroditus© December 12, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017


Love – by the cracking fire;
Wine – the taste of desire;
Soft music playing a – melody;
Kisses that brings – harmony.

Passion – embraced in our arms;
Erogenous zones – sensitive stimulation –
   Sweet words that charms;
The need of touch – chills up the spine
   --Heat sets off the fire alarms;
Temptation – screams of satisfaction:
   Desires – the rewards of attraction!
Pleasures – that hearts don’t mind.

Epaphroditus© December 11, 2017



The early morning air filled the room,
   As the sounds of music mellowed down,
And they lay close in each other’s arms,
   Unaware of the noise from the town;
As the heart grows fonder in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

In this moment of passion their needs are fed,
   Within a little chalet affix to a mountainside,
Where hearts can mend from the outside world,
   And the inner spirit can forever be satisfied,
As the heart finds peace in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

If one could only hold this moment forevermore,
   Where love finds happiness that’s pure as the dew,
And the meaning of life is found before it’s gone,
   Here the spirit of love is graphed forever to be true,
As the heart seeks affection in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

In a room filled with more love then can be imagined,
   Where flesh becomes one together from head to feet,
And the mirrors on the ceiling reflects life’s energy,
   Where passion is displayed, but is it ever complete?
As the heart searches for love in a drifting time,
   With it’s endless desire-
   By an apple wood fire.

Epaphroditus© October 2, 2001 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


As the night call your name –
The smoke filled bar is like a cloud,
And to love I’m not so proud!
I listen
The sounds of regret I can now hear.

The music is but a noise in my mind –
The faces of strangers seems so pale,
My enter truth – unveiled
In silence
The whiskey unlocks hidden feelings.

Regret is simply time that fade away –
Loneliness is a word a heart can’t say,
And a night only waits for another day.

But for love there was a price I’ve paid!

Epaphroditus© December 10, 2017


The early hour brings thoughts of you
These hidden feeling so deep in me –
And every night you appear, and I know,
And I know what my heart tries to see.

I feel the tears rushing to my eyes –
And my mind is tangled with regret,
My soul is griped in moments of need!
And it’s my truth I haven’t faced yet.

O the times I drank from passions well,
Like the rain that has fallen from above,
Don’t compared to these tears I’ve cried –
The depths of passion – the depths of love!

If my pillow could count the tears I’ve shed,
Sometimes reality is worse than being dead!

Epaphroditus© October 9, 2000

Saturday, December 9, 2017


The officer said ‘please walk this line!’
But sir, I have only had one beer –
And if I fail, you’ll give me a fine,
‘I said walk the line’ – get over here!

And if you don’t – you’re under arrest!
What right do you have to get in my space?
Are you wearing a bullet proof vest?
And why are you getting in my face!

I have rights, and rights I’ll defend!
Mr. Look in my eyes, do you see any care?
You’ve crossed the line – this need’s to end!
I only had one beer – this is just not fair!

It’s embarrassing – cut off the Christmas lights,
You’re under arrest – I’m reading you your rights!

Epaphroditus© December 9, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017


I sit in solitude looking out my window –
And I know that truth is my reality!
There is only one thing true this day,
Winter seems to bring out sadness in me.
I look at the trees draped with snow –
And I know that silence is hidden away,
Upon the wind are kisses of snow-flakes,
And in my lonely heart I truly know –
There is only one thing true this day,
Winter is not aware of what’s in my soul!
If I were honest I would have to say –
Sometimes I don’t understand life’s way,
“There is no solitude with thoughts of you,
Must I blame winter on a heart that’s blue?”

Epaphroditus© December 8, 2017


Shadows in the meadow are quiet,
And in this quietness my world is right,
It’s here where the shadows quietly lie –
And the beauty before me makes me sigh.

O how the butterflies glitter –
As they dance upon the winds of time,
O this moment of beauty I needed today,
Because it’s here my heart can play.

Through the shadows of baked fossils,
The movement of time, how slow it goes –
The clouds in the western sky are now red,
And I think of a love stored in my head.

Shadows in the meadow as butterflies dance,
It’s where God has given me a second chance.

Epaphroditus© May 3, 2010