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Thursday, November 23, 2017


I sit before the burning fire
I can feel the warmth from the heat
And in my heart I have an infinite desire
The mistakes in life I’ll never repeat.

I know that yesterday is gone forever
But if regrets were as quiet as snow –
And if my mind could never remember
A true love I once knew long, long ago.

Memories rush in while sitting by the fire
But why are they stored in my mind?
If I denied my regrets then I’d be a liar
Because, a love, like hers I’ll never find!

By the fire my spirit is as quiet as snow
Thinking of a love I knew long, long ago.

Epaphroditus© November 23, 2017


Mirror! – Mirror! on the wall
Summer is gone and now its fall
The times that life has made me crawl
And at this moment are hurts I recall!

But in life, I will climb the next hill!
For my God has given me the will –
At the end of the tunnel there is light
And I smile at troubles with such delight!

I will not give up because life is hard!
Packed with regrets the mind is marred,
Tomorrow for most – defeat is all they see,
But dear God – let that never be me!

Mirror! – Mirror! on the wall…
Heartaches from life I chose not to recall!

Epaphroditus© October 12, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Beneath the apples drooping shade,
Where time had rusted the old pale,
And memories sleep of days gone by,
But broken hearts never tell their tale.

Why do hearts falter and never mend,
From painful hurts that are never kind,
All for the honor of truth and tender love,
Hidden forever deep within the mind?

Do spirits wonder in the gloom of night?
Searching for refuges in an aching head,
For regrets of decisions that were made,
Lying in darkness brings tears to the bed.

Somewhere is an answer to the questions,
Waiting to be eaten like fruit from a bowl,
The sweetness upon the lips is a panacea,
That life’s passion is as precious as gold.

Gathering wisdom from an endless feast,
For love will not always come back around,
But those that stored cherished memories,
Want end up like… “Apples on the ground.”

Epaphroditus© November 27, 2001


Monday, November 20, 2017


I long for the sweet kisses from you,
Such passion that I have to hold back my tears;
The days I spend with you the skies are blue,
And we will surely love for many years –
The times we sat by our favorite creek…
And a blanket spread where we made love;
Honey drips from your mouth when you speak,
And the angels sing songs from heaven above –
While the fireflies dance in the moonlight.
The wind plays upon a distance hill
And shadows cast long into the summer night –
I look into your eyes, and my heart can’t be still!
I’m close to you like a leaf upon the breeze –
I wait for your touch, a touch with such ease.

Epaphroditus© June 15, 2002


I lie in the stillness of dawn –
In the depths of a troubled mind,
Others have been here, but I’m one
That wishes for another love!
Thoughts of you, the lover of my heart.
The hours pass slowly,
But the night has not had enough,
Then new memories of you start.

My heart is filled with desire,
Like the hot embers of your fire
That draws me into your smoke –
In the darkness I feel your pain,
I hear your whispers to my heart,
And in my despair –
I cry out your name!

Epaphroditus© November 20, 2017


Like the fog that rises upward,
On a cool crisp autumn day,
Thoughts of you shine through
The years of forgotten memories,
That is marred deep in my mind.
It’s hard to look back –
On the regrets of yesterday
To face the pain my mind stored.
The ice melts –
In the cup of life!
O how I remember your scent,
The taste of your lips,
And this pain of regret.

My cup is now empty of love,
My mouth is dry,
I shall drink no more,
It’s empty like my heart –
But I still thirst for you!
Just a small sip from your well.

Epaphroditus© November 20, 2017


Sunday, November 19, 2017


It was a clear, autumn morning –
Chapel bells ringing so loud and clear,
I watch the leaves blowing in the wind,
And I think to myself if you were only here!
The rhapsody of love, and its sweet sounds,
That sets this loneliness in my heart on fire;
When autumn comes the world looks dead,
But then I think of you, and loves’ desire –
Do you miss her “My spirit whispered!”
And I must admit, my heart said – Yes!
And in truth I knew I still loved her…
Then I wonder why my life is such a mess?
When autumn comes the world looks dead,
Like the patterns on a winter’s bedspread.

Epaphroditus© November 19, 2017


When lack of hope infiltrates our soul,
Then it’s time for things we need to know;
We look at life, and say “What’s the deal?”
If we only knew what was behind the next hill!
There has to be more to life than just work –
Someone will always try to take your last shirt!
Remember the times you were out of control,
You looked around for anyone to console –
The look of despair when a heart is defeated,
Then we think, dear God, why was I cheated?
Regrets, they will haunt us until our last day,
Rehearse: “Mountain - Get out of my way!”
Live as though there’re be another tomorrow,
And God will sustain us through our sorrow.

Epaphroditus© November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017


I have the melody of love in my heart,
But I ask, what is love, what is my part.
I have a million whispers in my mind,
Is it love or is it too many bottles of wine?
Candles burning, slow sips, and poetry,
Being in love, is it a form of insanity?
The tenderness – O how the spirit cries –
The passion that brings tears to my eyes!
In my arms, a love, a love that is true –
And I am so grateful that I have you!
I have the melody of love in my heart,
Reveling as a painting of abstract art –
When love is good, one’s soul sings,
Like a poem that pulls on heartstrings.

Epaphroditus© November 18, 2017


The three ladies sat under a tree,
They were as naked as they could be.

One of them said to her mate,
‘Where shall we our victims take?’

Lure him to the river or a dusty field,
There we lay him down at his own will.

‘His clothes will fall around his feet,
Tonight he sells his soul too cheap.’

‘His weaknesses they take so eagerly,
Without any thought of guilt to be.’

Lure of the night brings no regret,
But tomorrow has not come yet.

They toy with thoughts in his head,
As though his emotions were dead.

They lie upon their naked backs,
Like warm bread before it cracks.

They steal his spirit before his prime,
And these memories stay a long time.

Ladies of the night wait with a plan,
To pray on the weaknesses of a man.

Epaphroditus© July 13, 2006


I wonder what lies behind the next hill
To look seems to be in my will.

Wherever my feet take me I go
An untamed spirit – ‘yes I know!’

Into the unknown seems to be in my blood
Adventure is like the opening of a rosebud.

Feeling the thermals rising takes my breath
One should not be afraid of death!

We have only one chance at life –
So why should it be filled with daily strife.

It’s as though my spirit is always calling me
There is so much to do and so much to see!

Just think, a life without taking a chance –
A candle light dinner and you didn’t dance.

Looking back, would I have change anything,
Maybe a few I’d given an engagement ring!

I needed to make more people my friend –
Slow life down – instead of rushing to the end.

An untamed spirit: and yes I have few regrets –
Wine, women, and song – and a few cigarettes!

Epaphroditus© November 27, 2016


The candles, they burn slowly with time,
While the grapes turn into wine,
On the table is bread, and butter within,
   And the smell of russet upon your skin,
The flames flicker from the fireplace,
And there is a serene look upon your face;
   The thoughts of love rushes to my mind –
“Is it passion, is it the wine, or both of these,
And in this moment your heart I must please!”

Your fruit I desire, and in your eyes I dine!

Epaphroditus© July 26, 2015


I met this cute little lady,
   She was quiet and kinda shy,
And she would flirt with me
   Every time I walked by!
Now she had such a pretty face,
   And if you saw her you’d agree
That she had a special look like
   “Ms. Passion.”

This is info you don’t read in a book,
   Like the twinkling of a star,
Passion comes when you least expect it,
   Even sitting in a bar!
Pour another round Mr. Bartender,
   It looks like I’ll be here for a while,
Because I think I have truly found
  “Ms. Passion.”

Now I’m so drunk I can’t find the door
   Looks like some bad choices I’ve made;
We have been here seems like all night,
   And this damn tab has not been paid!
How much did you drink little lady?
   And it turns out you’re not so shy,
So this is what they mean by gold digger
   “Ms. Passion!”

Epaphroditus© April 29, 2017


Friday, November 17, 2017


I sat at that edge of a cliff one day,
And thoughts of you came my way.

Emotions so deep, they were surreal
The thought of love I had to feel.

The reality before me I had to face
Yesterday is gone without a trace.

The wind blew with an autumn chill,
And I thought is this my heart’s will.

Sometimes we have to know our needs,
And we have to sow a few seeds.

One’s enter spirit – that’s what is real
It’s not always how I feel.

Moments of love, they come and go
But when it’s love I need to know!

Just a thought “life goes by so fast,”
And there are regrets that seen to last.

Cries of the heart – a forgotten word
Cries of the spirit – I know I heard!

From the cliffs of time I can now see
All the hidden love I’ve had for thee!

Epaphroditus© November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I thought I saw you today,
Then in the crowd you disappear,
Those old feelings begin to rush in,
And I remember a love that was so dear.

I thought I saw you today,
O these feelings inside me seem so real!
It’s funny how time has faded away,
And how can I explain how I feel?
Memories I had forgotten somehow,
The love we had was a love that was true,
I said I would forget you “I made a vow”
But it all came back when I saw you!

I thought I saw you today – was it true?
How can I feel this way, love takes two!

Epaphroditus© November 16, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Dawn’s early hour we choose

The flowers that bloom

On a moonlit night.

For the heart knows not

The passion it hides

But what is wrong and right.

We all must chose

Even the flowers bloom

When clouds are gray or white.

The clouds dissipate

And the sunshine appears

But loneliness we have to fight.

Life can be like flowers in the rain –

But if you notice they never complain.

Epaphroditus© November 15, 2017


Shinning bright was the northern star,
On the sea shore of beaches so white;
The winds blow, and silently they are,
But the world for a moment seemed right.

The bond fire crackles in the embers flame,
And here a person encounters little strife –
Hearts long for peace – they’re all the same,
To live in harmony, with this thing called life.

Taking inventory of where we’ve been,
Time waits on no one – that is no surprise!
But too know one’s destiny is a win-win!
Life needs to be seen through your own eyes.

Toes in the sand, head wrapped with a bandana,
I smile and think - life is like the last banana!

Epaphroditus© November 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


His focus is on truth – doing what is right!
An example of strength, placed in the light;
Vetting the people that comes to our shores,
Not all are kind that knocks upon our doors!
He works tirelessly – deep into the night,
While the left still endures their endless fight!

America! he still holds close to his heart,
Until we are great again – we all play a part;
But there are those that hold onto the greed,
While they watch the innocent die and bleed!
But we have to give credit to the Art of the Deal;
America drifted - there was no one at the wheel.

King of Queens: placed here by God’s own hand,
America the beautiful, once again we can stand!
The great Symbol of Freedom lights our shores,
A symbol of strength that the world truly adores!
Sing: the Star Spangled Banner triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Epaphroditus© November 14, 2017

In honor of:
Donald John Trump
America’s 45TH   President

Monday, November 13, 2017


In the stillness the night it is quiet,
As the moonlight faded away –
A song from yesterday play’s in my head,
Do I have regrets, well it seemed that way.

Life is like standing at the edge of time,
Looking back we always have a better view –
Why do these thoughts play with my mind?
Then in a brief moment – I think of you!

A love that has dissipated into yesterday –
Then I ask, “Why did it turn out that way?”
A wrong decision – or maybe it was destiny!
O the love we had, O the love you had for me.

 In a moment in time – a true love was lost,
Then one spends a lifetime enduring the cost!
In my heart lies regrets that now run deep –
To put a price on love, well it never is cheap!

Songs of yesterday – the harmony it plays –
And regrets, well I guess they never go away!

Epaphroditus© November 13, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017


In my own hand I have written:
In sound mind my heart has deemed.
The first time I saw you I was smitten –
The perfect love that I had dreamed.
O the sound of your sweet voice…
In the matter of love – I had no choice!
My heart and mind has concurred –
Love can be transferred without a word,
A poet’s last will has been too long differed.
In my own hand I have written:
What I state here is in black and white.
My ‘love’ I leave to you without reservation –
These written words are my affirmation
Knowing these things gives you the right!

Epaphroditus© November 12, 2017


We are the blessed!
We were chosen by God to laugh at the world
Before power and greed was known –
Wisdom instilled in a select few.

We are the blessed!
We look at life in a more positive way
We are calm when the storms surround us!
We find a rainbow when it rains –
We are the light in the darkness of night,
And we wait upon the dawn with expectation
Faith, that finds hope in all things.

We are the blessed!
Who doesn’t listen to the wiles of change –
We feel the sunshine and the wind in our hair
Like the Eagle we welcome the storms,
And the rain replenishes our soul.

We are the blessed!
We are an example for others to see
When their world is falling apart!
We laugh, we love – we cry!

We are your future
In which you will fall back on in hard times,
We are the meadow of wild flowers –
Not forgotten – our mark is upon your heart!
We are the generation
That you will always remember!

The years will fade away
But in the quietness of your mind, you’ll find:
That someday you as well will grow old –
Youth is only a brief moment of laughter,
And you’ll look back at those you have followed,
Saying, they lived in the presents of God!
Think of us – ‘The Blessed’
That paved the way for you!

Epaphroditus© November 12, 2017


I know I’m not as fast as I use to be –
But there is hope in my eyes you must see!
What’s in one’s heart will usually show,
Wisdom comes with time – this you know!

One thing you know, I’ll tell you the truth,
I was not always this wise in my youth!
One step at a time before this life ends,
To stop and listen to the music of the wind.

If you stop and think – life is not that long!
So I have to ask, “What is your life’s song?”
We are trying to keep up with the rat race –
But yesterday’s footprint is only a mere trace.

In life there will always be another storm –
But to trust in the Lord a new hope is born.

Epaphroditus© November 11, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Land of hope, land of the free, America,
With honor you serve, and this I must say:
You in your green uniforms and you
Who were trained only to obey.

The first in battle and the last to leave
You stand proud amidst your fears,
And guard us with those all-seeing eyes
And listen with those all-hearing ears.

Epaphroditus© August 8, 2010


Time wasted on trivial things
Not knowing what life brings,
Letting it all waste away –

Yesterday’s regrets
Time slips away, but yet
Understanding we seldom find –
Precious time – O precious time
You were not always kind
Timeless regrets of yesterday!

Epaphroditus© November 11, 2017


The morning was quiet as the sun was shining through the broken window.
It had been months of bombing, and now the quietness just didn’t sound right.
He would start his day as he had each day since his mother and little sister were
killed.  The only thing that keeps him going were the words his mother had said
to him and little Nellie “ God will always provide.”  It’s hard to have under-
standing for the things that has happen to an English lad of only ten.  Some say
the war has ending, but the hunger in his belly seems to over ride all logic or reason.

Today would be no different from any other as he makes his rounds in search of
food.  Most of the buildings are in shambles with little hope for it all to be as
it once was.  In the distance he sees a dim light coming from an old building, and
as he made his way slowly toward it.  The smell is more then he can bear as he looks
through the window of the small doughnut shop.

A reporter had been sent to England to report on the devastation of World War II. 
He had just finished his coffee and doughnut when he notice a small boy with his
nose pressed against the window.  Then he asked the waitress to put him a haft a
dozen of doughnuts in a bag.  He walked outside with the bag behind his back, and
he asked “ young man are you hunger?” yes sir, then he handed the bag to him.
But sir, I don’t have any money.  That’s fine son they are free.  The boy’s words he
would never forget.  With tears in his eyes the little boy looked up at the reporter
 and said…. “Mister, are you God?”

Epaphroditus© August ‘00 

Friday, November 10, 2017


Blue eyes
Blonde hair
Dimpled cheeks
If you dare!
Perfect lips
Curved hips
Smiles too
Sweet voice
Heart is true;
A phone call
Love it all!
Time will come
Zits and all
Fun in the sun
Enjoy your youth
First love
What can I say?
Just truth
Love while you may.
Skin of cream
A teen’s dream!

Epaphroditus© November 10, 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017


If I, should die before tomorrow
Should my spirit knock at your door?
Do not feel any sorrow…
For it was I, that loved you more.

If I, didn’t love you enough,
Then it’s not I knocking at the door!
I know that times will be tough…
But it was I, which loved you more.

If I, forgot to say goodbye
Just know that it was you I adore!
Life is uncertain – we all must die –
But I will love you forevermore.

Just in case, glasses of wine pour –
Cheers await us on another shore.

Epaphroditus© November 9, 2017

Erato of life

          The sunlight
          At the break of dawn,
          Endless emotions
          As one’s soul will moan.

Sadness comes
When the moon is bright
Like the shadows
That dance in a dim light

          The moonlight
          Fights with the sun
          But who wins
          When the day is done

Erato of life
What does it say?
That love always wins
In every way!

          Love will open a closed door,
          But forgiveness comes before.

Epaphroditus© November 9, 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


You disappear into the shadows of my dream,
You vanish like smoke in the wind,
Then I awake to my heart’s dreadful scream,
And I ask, “Will this need of you ever end?”

Maybe, if you had just said goodbye!
Then maybe these tears I would not cry!
I can still see the love your eyes said –
As I lie here in this empty bed…
Damn you! For leaving me hurting this way!
Dear love! Where did you go?
The thought of you makes my blood run cold!
But hell no! Goodbye you could not say –
“Now alone in the shadows of moonlight”
O how this broken heart needs you tonight!

Epaphroditus© November 9, 2017


O, my sweet love, this life is so short!
   To waste time on sadness and regret;
It’s far better to love the night away,
   We’re supposed to forgive and forget!

Think of the times I loved you so fondly,
   And I know I need to regain your trust;
Just look into these passionate blue eyes,
   Feelings are something you can adjust.

Let’s embrace the memories we have made,
   And we can learn to forgive each other;
But instead you choose to hold on to anger,
   So I guess blue just ain’t your color!

Epaphroditus© April 4, 2017